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16 Data Visualizations to Thrill Your Customers

Product teams spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to perfect the look and feel of their software applications. But when adding analytics to their products, too many companies breeze over the design process just to get something out the door.

Why add analytics to your product if it fails to increase user satisfaction or boost adoption?

Giving your customers access to analytics isn’t enough. Choosing the right data visualizations to convey your datasets is crucial to getting users to adopt your application’s analytics.

Explore 16 of the most common data visualizations and learn which ones work best with your data in this ebook. Start using visualizations to craft your next great data story.

Key Takeaways from this Whitepaper:

Inspiration for Data Visualization to improve your product
16 most common charts for data visualization
How can you choose the rigth representation of your data

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