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Accelerate DevOps: Early, Everywhere, at Scale

Win the innovation battle

Software developers use open source and third party components to be more competitive and speed time to innovation.
Sounds great, right? Well not everything is perfect. Many of the components being downloaded have known security vulnerabilities, 1 in 16 to be exact. So, how do you ensure that you are taking advantage of all the good that open source has to offer but none of the bad?

This whitepaper by Sonatype will help you to...

Block bad parts at the earliest possible point and maintain a trusted repository with Repository Health Check.
Empower developers to choose the best, safest components.
Verify policy compliance by knowing what components are in use and where.
Continuously monitor for new defects and provide visibility and transparency for quick remediation.

Click below and download the whitepaper to learn how to avoid software vulnerabilities while taking advantage of open source software.