Agility, Continuous Delivery

Case Study by Klarna: Modernising Release Management to increase Agility

Brandon Every, Senior Software Engineer at Klarna, held a case study with the headline “Living the DevOps dream of Continuous Delivery” at the fin:CODE USA 2017. Brandon pointed out the key challenges and barriers around the continuous delivery process as well as the role of organizational collaboration in the DevOps process.
Additionally Brandon went into the following questions:

What are some key challenges and barriers in preventing the continuous delivery process (tools, integration, handoffs with development teams)?
What part does organizational collaboration play in the DevOps process (how organizations structure, enhance or hinder smooth release management and operations)?
What challenges do we face with automation (ever-growing tools present complexity with many integration points across various automation of DevOps platforms, guided discussion on how to avoid tool overlap and ultimately meet delivery objectives)?

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