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Case Study: Security Enabled by DevOps in a PCI Environment

In today’s highly regulated world with regards to monetary transactions, it’s more important than ever to have automated and repeatable processes. DevOps plays a major role in the enablement of open auditing, secure coding practices, and automated release management.

At the 2018 FiN Code USA conference, Eric Krauss gave a captivating presentation about DevOps at Encore Capital. Eric and his colleague Tina Lovoy have worked together over the last 12 months to enhance Encore’s secure monetary transactional system. They have taken necessary steps in order to continually enhance a manageable, secure, and resilient system that can stand up to the strictest audit requirements. In this presentation they cover the What, Why and How of extending a PCI environment with a DevOps mentality.

Key topics:

  • What are current IT changes, what barriers to change need to be overcome
  • Real life use cases from Encore
  • How can these case examples be applied to other business organizations

Watch the presentation in full and see how the Encore case example relates to your DeVOps experience.

Eric Krauss has been in the IT Financial Services space since the late 90’s.  He has a background in software engineering and is a full stack Java and .NET engineer.  He has been in the DevOps space for the last 4 years, and has since then led his team to create CI/CD pipelines, release automation and other key accomplishments in association with the DevOps pillars.

Encore Capital Group is a global leading provider of debt management and recovery solutions for consumers across a broad range of assets. Through its subsidiaries, the company purchases portfolios of consumer receivables from major banks, credit unions, and utility providers, and partners with individuals as they repay their obligations and work toward financial recovery.

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