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Enhancing speed, productivity and customer experience in a cost-efficient way – Lloyds Case Study

fintech:CODE is Europe’s leading annual event focusing major challenges and best-in-class solutions that banks, asset management firms and insurance companies are experiencing when adopting and scaling DevOps at an enterprise level.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the event took place with a digital format last March 17 – 18. The digital sessions ran over 2 days, giving the audience the chance to learn, engage and discuss DevOps and best practices and tooling strategies in real-time with thought leaders across the globe – directly from their desk.

The live version of fintech:CODE 2020 will take place next November 30 – December 01, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Click here for more information.

In the session entitled ‘Enhancing speed, productivity and customer experience in a cost-efficient way’ Terry Marsh, Lab Engineering Lead at Lloyds Banking Group, focuses on the following topics:

– How we achieved 85% testing automation across unit, system, integration and regression testing covering functional and non-functional tests
– Outcome of the testing automation, release automation on reduced costs and better speed
– Cultural and organizational changes with more frequent releases, shorter feedback loops and better productivity

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