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fin:CODE USA Survey Report – Enabling Agile Transformation in Finance

We asked our community of financial experts about their biggest challenges and top priorities with regards to DevOps adoption. 75+ senior technologists, cross-industry experts and continuous delivery managers from the finance industry gave their opinion on the key benefits and main drivers for the DevOps approach.

Key takeaways (extract):

Data Security and Cloud are top priority topics for DevOps practitioners (4.9 on a scale from 0 to 5).
The majority of the polled companies (84%) targets an annual release frequency. The rest aims at daily or weekly releases.
57% have already been doing DevOps for a while now, whereas 29% have a few projects under their belt.
Main driver for DevOps are lower costs (29%) and keeping pace with rising customer demands.

You can download the full survey report with the respondents profile and all thematic insights for free. See how DevOps practitioners enable transformation in the financial industry.