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Webcast: The Future of Infrastructure Automation

With the demands made on today’s infrastructure, it’s crucial for organizations to implement infrastructure automation that is repeatable, traceable, and less prone to human error. GitOps takes DevOps best practices used for application development, such as version control, collaboration, compliance, and CI/CD, and applies them to modern infrastructure automation.

Do not miss this panel discussion where we ask tech leaders what teams need to make the shift to GitOps, and the benefits of managing infrastructure using GitOps.

What you will learn:

How GitOps is changing the landscape of infrastructure management
What successful GitOps looks like
What teams need to get started on their GitOps journey
What these 3 companies offer the market for a successful GitOps transformation

Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM CEST


Nicolas Corrarello
Regional Director – Solutions Engineering EMEA
Guus Hutschemaekers
Platform consultant
William Chia
Sr. GitOps Evangelist

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