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How technologies and architecture has been evolved at Uber

In the course of the Delivery of Things World 2018 Minh Pham, Staff Engineer at Uber Inc. showcased the experiences ‘Mobile Application Development & IoT – Microservices & Containerization – How technologies and architecture has been evolved at Uber in order to bring real-time data to the devices’.

Real-time communication is fast becoming the most important aspect of an engaging, modern mobile application. At Uber, real-time is at the center of our user experience, from car moving on the map to live updating ETA. If you want to build a new mobile application today, it’s a big challenge to decide which technologies you should use and how you should architect your system to create this user experience.

In this presentation, we’ll talk about different technologies that we have built over time as Uber scales, continuously raising the bar for user experience.

The entire presentation can be viewed here

About Uber Inc.:

Uber is a transportation network company (TNC) headquartered in San Francisco, California. Uber offers services including peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab hailing, food delivery and a bicycle-sharing system.

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About Delivery of Things World:

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