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Industry Survey: Defining that state of DevOps within healthcare

In the course of the health:CODE 2018, the conference focused on the application of DevOps and Microservices in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we are asking DevOps practitioners and managers involved in IT Operations and IT Infrastructure for their opinion on Devops adoption. Take part in our survey and help us to define the state of software development, Continous Delivery and DevOps projects in 2018.

Key Questions (Extract):

What are the most important drivers for DevOps?
How important will digital products be in engaging with health customers in the next 3-5 years?
What percentage of current IT systems are developed in-house?
How advanced are organisations in terms of adopting a DevOps approach?
What are the major expectations from DevOps in 2018?

Please click the button below to participate in the survey. If you wish, we will send you the survey results as soon as it is closed.