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Sonatype Whitepaper: Enforce Open Source Policies with Confidence

- Say goodbye to false positives and false negatives

Most of today’s legacy tools generate numerous false positives and false negatives, have no way of evaluating unknown components, and are slow to respond to newly discovered vulnerabilities. Simply put, they are NOT compatible with DevOps native development.

Read this whitepaper and learn...

Why you can’t deliver secure applications at scale if your open source policies are enforced by waterfall native processes.
How accurate and precise open source intelligence strengthens your supply chain early, everywhere, and at scale.
Why inaccurate or incomplete data will leave your organization to deal with vulnerabilities, licensing and other quality issues that lead directly to higher costs and reduced innovation.

Please find below the download link to the full whitepaper by Sonatype with all insights on hot wo deliver applications at DevOps speed.