Video Case Study: Surpassing Relational – Switch to NoSQL for Performance and Scalability

Modern apps have to meet constantly changing requirements in order to deliver the personalized and responsive experiences users expect. This requires flexibility and high performance at any scale, along with the ability to support a range of deployment options.

In this video case study, Couchbase will help guide your move from a RDBMS to NoSQL. And they will help you choose the right NoSQL platform to future-proof your database.  The case study covers:

  • How modern application requirements are evolving
  • When to consider NoSQL vs. a traditional RDBMS
  • Pros and cons of different NoSQL architectures
  • How to bridge the gap between NoSQL and SQL

You’ll learn how to eliminate your RDBMS infrastructure bottlenecks with NoSQL, and how to choose the best NoSQL platform for the job.