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Surpassing Relational – Switch to NoSQL for Performance and Scalability

Modern apps have to meet constantly changing requirements in order to deliver the personalized and responsive experiences users expect. This requires flexibility and high performance at any scale, along with the ability to support a range of deployment options.

Traditional relational databases weren’t built for these demands, so NoSQL data stores were specifically created to meet the challenge. In this free-to-attend webinar, Couchbase will help guide your move from a RDBMS to NoSQL. And they will help you choose the right NoSQL platform to future-proof your database. We’ll cover:

  • How modern application requirements are evolving
  • When to consider NoSQL vs. a traditional RDBMS
  • Pros and cons of different NoSQL architectures
  • When to use a document-centric option like Couchbase
  • How to bridge the gap between NoSQL and SQL

You’ll learn how to eliminate your RDBMS infrastructure bottlenecks with NoSQL, and how to choose the best NoSQL platform for the job.


Thursday, March 21, 2019 | 10:00 – 11:00 AM GMT

Webinar Speakers

Jim Whitson

Solutions Engineer
Couchbase Server

About Couchbase Server:
Couchbase Server is an open-source, distributed multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database software package that is optimized for interactive applications. These applications may serve many concurrent users by creating, storing, retrieving, aggregating, manipulating and presenting data. In support of these kinds of application needs, Couchbase Server is designed to provide easy-to-scale key-value or JSON document access with low latency and high sustained throughput. It is designed to be clustered from a single machine to very large-scale deployments spanning many machines. A version originally called Couchbase Lite was later marketed as Couchbase Mobile combined with other software.