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Survey Report: Defining The Future of Enterprise DevOps

we.CONECT conducted a survey among 100+ senior technologists, cross-industry DevOps practitioners, and continuous delivery managers from leading international companies to evaluate industry trends and provide a market overview regarding DevOps. The survey identified the current state of DevOps adoption, main drivers and benefits around the approach.

Key Facts (Extract)

  • Only 12% of the polled companies are built with a DevOps mind set already, while 25% have been doing DevOps for a while now.
  • Rapid time to value from development effort (63%), adapting to customer demands and a changing business environment (56%) and proactive contribution of value by IT (50%) are the main drivers for starting DevOps.
  • Amazon, Netflix, Google and Facebook are considered the top front running companies in terms of DevOps.

Download the Delivery of Things World USA Survey Report here and get all insights. Read what international cross-industry experts share about the future of DevOps implementation.