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The IT manager’s guide to continuous delivery by XebiaLabs

XebiaLabs published an eBook centered around the integration of continuous delivery, a set of processes and practices that radically removes waste from software production process. It enables faster delivery of high-quality functionality and sets up a rapid and effective feedback loop between businesses and their users. Continuous Delivery is often considered solely as a technical topic. In reality, executive support, buy-in across the organization and hands-on participation from the business are equally, essential for successful continuous delivery implementations.

Key Facts

  • In a continuous delivery environment software is put into production feature by feature, reducing the changes made to the system.
  • Complex “big bang” releases, repeated handovers and error-prone manual processes lead to failures in production.
  • Release software straight to production and set up a rapid and effective feedback loop between your business and your users.

Find the full eBook “The IT Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery” with 50+ pages if expert knowledge on continuous delivery here.